Dr. Bray

The Body Expert

Throughout the years, Dr. Bray has carved a space for himself in the industry, becoming one of the most exclusive providers of breast and body-contouring plastic surgery in Canada.

Patients and colleagues alike commend and appreciate his work as a body contouring specialist, who not only ensures natural results but has an artistic eye, ensuring each patient has a wholly customized outcome.

Dr. Bray received his medical degree from the University of Toronto in 1994, after which he obtained his Master’s in the Surgical Scientist Program, acquiring his plastic surgery training. In 2001, Dr. Bray became a board-certified member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada. 

Over the past nineteen years, Dr. Bray has been an active member of the surgical staff of the Toronto General Hospital and the University Health Network. He is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto, playing a significant role in the training and development of medical students, residents and future plastic surgeons. 

Dr. Bray is an expert on advanced body contouring procedures such as total body lifts, tummy tucks, thigh lifts, back lifts and arm lifts. He is particularly skilled at performing Bodytite, Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction, one of the world’s most successful thermal tissue tightening and liposuction Systems. Dr. Bray is Canada’s foremost BodyTite thermal contouring, body lifting and shaping surgeon.

Dr. Bray customizes every face and body contouring procedure to meet the needs, goals and preferences of each patient, consistently providing beautiful and natural-looking results.

Dr. Bray’s kind and gentle manner keep all patients comfortable and confident, taking the additional time to discuss all aspects of the treatment, so they are well informed, comfortable and prepared for the best possible experience and aesthetic outcome.

Whether your preferences are surgical, non-surgical, or a combination of the two, Dr. Bray will seek to reassure your decisions and accommodate your needs. Visit Dr. Bray of the Toronto Plastic Surgeons for a private consultation and experience firsthand why he is one of Toronto’s most sought out Cosmetic Surgeons.

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