Chin Augmentation Implants in Toronto

  • Price Starts at $7,999
  • Procedure time 1 Hour
  • Recovery Time 3-5 days

Chin implant surgery, often called chin augmentation, can improve your facial symmetry, contour, and confidence. By adding width, projection, and definition to the jawline, you can enhance the natural beauty of your smile and look great in photographs.

Dr. Thomas Bell, Toronto Plastic Surgeons’ esteemed chin implant surgeon, has significant expertise in performing chin implants concisely and in detail, aiming to make you look and feel your best.

What is a Chin Implant?

Commonly known as chin augmentation or chin job, chin implants or facial implants are designed to add width and projection to the jawline, improving facial harmony and enhancing symmetry.

By inserting a silicone device or injecting a filler (fat or Hyaluronic sugar gel or movement of the jawbone) into the chin to enhance the projection of the chin point, a chin augmentation procedure can transform a basic facial structure into one that is stronger and more defined.

As the chin occupies such a significant portion of the lower face, the results of a chin implant are immediately apparent. At the Toronto Plastic Surgeons, our chin augmentation surgeries add width, height, and projection to distinguish the jawline, improve facial harmony, and enhance symmetry to deliver natural, long-lasting results.

Who is the Best Candidate for a Chin Augmentation?

If you’re healthy and have a weak chin that you’d like to improve, you could be a good fit for a chin implant. To learn more, contact Toronto Plastic Surgeons.

Your Chin Implant Consultation with Dr. Bell

During your chin implant consultation with Dr. Bell, you can ask any questions, express any concerns, and even see before and after photos so you know what your results may look like.

Dr. Bell will perform a physical assessment and get a detailed understanding of your medical history to understand if you are a good candidate. If you are curious about the cost of your procedure or want to combine treatments, this is also a great time to discuss that with Dr. Bell.

What is the Cost of a Chin Augmentation in Toronto?

The cost of chin augmentation surgery varies according to the selected approach. Typically, pricing ranges from $2,999 for soft fillers, $9,999 for fat grafting, and $9,999 for chin implants.

How to Prepare for a Chin Implant

Once the general size and shape of the implant have been discussed and the surgery date has been set, it’s time to prepare. To ensure a successful surgery, Dr. Bell advises that you follow certain preparations in the weeks leading up to your procedure date, such as:

  • Stop smoking two weeks before the procedure and two weeks after. Those who continue to smoke will have a more extended recovery period and a greater likelihood of complications.
  • Two weeks before your procedure, patients must stop taking any medication that contains Aspirin.
  • Six hours before surgery, patients must stop consuming food or drink. Small sips of water are permitted.
  • Avoid sun damage two weeks before surgery. This can be achieved by wearing sunscreen.

How is a Chin Implant Performed by Dr. Bell?

All chin implant procedures are performed within the comfort of the modern Toronto Plastic Surgeons Surgical Suites. The surgery is entirely personalized and designed by our expert team to match your desired results.

How Long Does a Chin Implant Procedure Take?

Your chin implant procedure will take around 45 minutes to one hour.

Before your surgery, Dr. Bell will administer local anesthesia to ensure the procedure is entirely painless. During the surgery, the doctor will increase your chin’s volume by inserting a gel or silicone implant through an incision made under the chin or, on occasion, inside the mouth.

Following the procedure, patients will rest in our recovery room for a few hours before being assessed by our specialist nursing team and returning home. Dr. Bell’s expertise and his talented team mean you will have all of your concerns addressed expertly, with the latest technology, vast experience, and state-of-the-art equipment in a comfortable clinical setting.

Chin Implant Recovery Period

Following your chin implant procedure, the Toronto Plastic Surgeons will give detailed post-operative instructions to ensure a seamless recovery.

Discomfort in the following days is modest and controlled with NSAIDs, or Tylenol Extra Strength, prescribed by the nursing team.

In addition to producing permanent results, chin implants do not produce visible scarring. For the first couple of days after the surgery, patients are advised to rest and avoid performing strenuous activities. While sleeping, patients should keep their heads elevated to decrease chin swelling. In addition, it is recommended that patients avoid chewing their foods in the first week after surgery. As such, during this period, meals should consist exclusively of soft foods and liquids.

Chin Implant Recovery & Timeline

Day After Surgery: Patients must routinely apply a cold compress to minimize bruising and swelling.

Day 2: Patients can resume walking and engaging in light exercise.

Day 3: Most patients can return to work.

Week 1: Patients can resume engaging in strenuous physical activity.

Week 2: Patients can return to eating solid foods. In addition, bruising and swelling should subside completely.

Following recovery from your chin implant surgery, patients are offered a comprehensive post-operative program of skin enhancement, injectable, and an energy-based device program to enhance the overall results of your chin implant surgery. These include FotoFacial treatments, Botox Injectable, Dysport Injectable, Xeomin Injectable, other dermal fillers, energy-based devices, and fractional resurfacing.

Dr. Bell will provide follow-up appointments after your chin augmentation surgery to ensure optimal healing and results.

Benefits of Chin Implant Surgery

  • Improve facial symmetry. Chin implants result in a more youthful, symmetrical, and balanced appearance.
  • Confidence Boost. Facial implants boost self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Enhance Neck Profile. Chin enhancement can reduce the look of a double chin, creating a more attractive neck profile.
  • Small Incision. The incisions required for a chin implant are made under the chin or inside the mouth, hiding the scarring.

Chin Implant Surgery Risks

Like every surgery, a chin implant procedure has a small chance of potential complications. The best thing patients can do to minimize the likelihood of complications is to select a trusted surgeon. The Toronto Plastic Surgeons have years of experience performing chin implant surgery and have not seen the risks associated with the procedure.

  • Changes in Skin Sensation. While you will probably experience some numbness in the chin after the surgery, the reduced sensation usually diminishes after a week or two.
  • Infections. Even though infections are rare, the Toronto Plastic Surgeons will prescribe a prophylactic antibiotic after surgery and take every precaution to ensure the procedure is a smooth, seamless experience.
  • Thick Scarring. Although the scars of a chin implant procedure are almost always hidden, they can occasionally be quite thick, depending on the extensiveness of the work.
  • Poor Wound Healing. In rare cases, the skin along the incision line heals poorly. However, our team can prevent this adverse effect with antibiotics.
  • Bruising and Swelling. A more common risk, you may experience bruising and swelling for the first week during your chin augmentation recovery.

Different Types of Chin Implant

Chin implants are entirely customizable. They are available in various shapes and sizes, all designed to match the patient’s desired look. During your initial consultation, Dr. Bell will be able to determine the chin implant that best fits your facial proportions.

It’s worth noting that silicone is the most commonly used material for facial implants. It can be modified to match the individual’s unique anatomy.

Chin Implants for Men

A chin implant is an excellent way for men to make the chin more pronounced, give the face more authority, and improve the facial profile.

If you feel self-conscious about the strength of your chin, a custom-fitted chin implant by The Toronto Plastic Surgeons can bring out the best in your face to create a more masculine jawline.

Patients will benefit from:

  • A chin that’s in balance with other facial features
  • Greater facial hair freedom – many grow beards to cover their weak chin
  • A stronger, masculine jawline
  • Improved self-confidence

The simple procedure takes less than 1 hour to complete. It involves placing a custom-fitted implant around the existing chin bone. The implant, selected specifically for your goals and aesthetic, comes in various shapes and sizes. Dr. Bell makes the incision under the chin or inside the mouth to make scarring as unnoticeable as possible.

Patients enjoy a fast and straightforward recovery, which makes chin implants for men even more appealing. Most return to work within 2 days and are cleared to resume exercise within 2 weeks.

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Why Choose TPS for Chin Augmentation?

As a surgeon who has mastered a full range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, Toronto’s Dr. Thomas Bell chooses to emphasize his work in facial aesthetic surgery. He is one of Canada’s most reputable and experienced plastic surgeons. He has performed over 5000 cosmetic facial procedures in his 25+ years of practice.

Chin Implant FAQ

Is it Painful to Get a Chin Implant?

You won’t feel anything during the surgery because you’ll be under anesthesia. Afterward, it’s normal to have some swelling and a little discomfort, but you won’t have lasting pain. Medication can help manage any discomfort.

What is the Minimum Age for a Chin Implant?

We suggest waiting until you’re at least 18 years old to consider this procedure. This is because your facial bones are still developing during your teenage years.

How Long Does a Chin Implant Last?

Chin implants are very durable and are designed to last your entire life.

How Will a Chin Implant Change My Face?

Getting a chin implant will alter your face’s shape for the better. It adds definition and can even boost your self-esteem. You’ll get to choose from different implant sizes and shapes, with guidance from your surgeon.

Can a Chin Implant Affect My Smile?

Any changes in your smile right after the surgery are likely temporary and due to swelling. It takes up to three months to see the final result.

Will I Feel the Chin Implant?

If the procedure is done correctly, you shouldn’t feel the implant after you’ve recovered. The key is choosing a qualified surgeon.

What Can I Eat After the Procedure?

After your surgery, start with clear liquids. The next day, you can start eating solid foods again, but avoid spicy or salty items for a while.

Will a Chin Implant Make My Face Look Longer?

While a chin implant won’t make your face longer from a front view, it can make it appear slightly longer from the side.

Do Chin Implants Improve the Jawline?

Yes, an implant can make your jawline look stronger and more balanced. Your surgeon will help choose the right size and shape for you.

Will a Chin Implant Erode the Bone?

Research shows that bone erosion isn’t a significant concern with chin implants. If you’re worried, further tests can be done.

Are Chin Implants Safe?

When performed by a skilled surgeon, the risks are low. Like any surgery, there can be minor complications like swelling, but these are generally easy to manage.

How to Get Rid of a Double Chin?

Besides a chin implant, options like liposuction or injections can also help. Your doctor will discuss the best approach during your consultation.

What’s the Difference Between Genioplasty and a Chin Implant?

While a chin implant adds volume to the chin, genioplasty changes its position. Your surgeon will explain which is more suitable for you.

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