Men’s Facelift in Toronto

  • Price start from $21,999
  • Procedure Time 4 hours
  • Recovery Time 14-20 days

What is The Cost of a Male Facelift?

The cost of a male facelift starts from $21,999.

Recovery Period Following a Male Facelift?

The recovery period following a male facelift is 14-20 days.

How Long Does it Take to Perform a Male Facelift?

It takes approximately 4 hours to perform a male facelift.

What is a Male Facelift?

A male facelift involves inconspicuous incisions far behind the temple hairline, inside the mouth, or behind the ear to re-suspend the droopy fat and soft tissues of the mid-face. Another incision is hidden completely behind and within the ear. Respecting the gender-specific anatomy and the more modest aesthetic modifications wanted will ensure a well-balanced masculine result. The goal is to obtain a masculine jawline, smooth neck contour, and youthful midface. A male facelift should achieve these features in a natural-looking way, without feminization or visible scarring.

Am I a Good Candidate for Male Facelift?

Good candidates for a male facelift are those who have sagging cheeks, droopy jowls, lax jawline, soft tissue volume and, of course, reasonable expectations.

Male Facelift Benefits

Redefine Jawline

Redefine the rugged and masculine qualities of the male face, with expert care taken to maintain the jawline.

Concealed Incisions

The advantages of this technique are virtually invisible scars and a nice, natural restoration of an oval appearance to the jawline, neck, mid-face and cheeks.

Restored Youth

The restoration of the “fullness of youth” is very natural and improves the appearance of the lower lid as well as the oval shape to the face.

Expert Care

Trained at McGill University, The Cleveland Clinic and with Dr. Mulholland at Toronto Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Mike Roskies of the Toronto Plastic Surgeons has devoted his practice exclusively to cosmetic surgery of the face.

Male Facelift Risks & Complications

Like every surgery, a male facelift comes with a small chance of potential complications. The best thing patients can do to minimize the likelihood of complications is to select a trusted surgeon. The team at Toronto Plastic Surgeons has years of experience performing body lifts. Significant complications are uncommon and, in the rare event they occur, are expertly managed.

  • Infections: Even though infections are rare, the Toronto Plastic Surgeons still take every precaution to ensure that the procedure is a smooth, seamless experience. Preventative antibiotics are used.
  • Hematoma: In some cases, the procedure can result in small collections of blood developing under the skin. The Toronto Plastic Surgeons will take every precaution to minimize the possibility of this type of complication. Should a hematoma develop, rest assured that it will be safely and effectively removed by the Toronto Plastic Surgeons. 
  • Scarring: The surgeons take special care to conceal any scars by making their incisions behind the temple hairline, inside the mouth, or behind the ear. 
  • Bruising: While it is likely that you will experience bruising after the surgery, it will subside after 2 or 3 weeks.

Why The Toronto Plastic Surgeons?

Dr. Mulholland has performed many male facelift procedures over the past 22 years, making him one of Canada’s most respected leaders in male facelift surgery.  Dr. Bell has performed more than 3,000 cosmetic facial procedures. Through their personal approach, Dr. Mulholland and Dr. Bell will ensure that the outcome of the procedure matches the patient’s expectations. Rest assured that, with the Toronto Plastic Surgeons, you’re in safe hands before, during, and after the procedure.

Smile Lines For Men In Toronto

Smile lines or laugh lines are a common occurrence in men as they age. These deep folds from your nose to each corner of your mouth, become most apparent when you smile or laugh. When the smile lines are very deep, with overhanging skin, many find them unappealing and aging.

Soft tissue or dermal filler procedures can shave years off your appearance without any surgery—just a few skillful injections. These fillers, such as Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane and Revenesse, are composed of hyaluronic acid sugar gel and are used to soften lines, wrinkles, folds and add volume due to aging. The injections can last from six months to a year and needs minimal downtime.

The Toronto Plastic Surgeons also have numerous skin tightening devices, such as the Forma, Morpheus and Evoke, “hands-free” jawline lift.

If you are wanting to opt for a more advanced approach to battling smile lines, there are surgical options that may suit your facial anatomy. During your first consultation, one of our Toronto Plastic Surgeons may recommend an adjustment of the brow, the neck area or the eyelid. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, a male facelift will last for over seven years and tighten your facial features to a masculine, youthful form.

There are so many different options for men that will diminish the ravages of facial aging and the cost can vary greatly – as will recovery time. A consultation with the Toronto Plastic Surgeons will carefully explain the options, costs and what will be most effective for you.

Different Types of Male Facelift

Full Facelift

Full facelifts refer to traditional deep plane facelifts. During the procedure, the Toronto Plastic Surgeons make a deep incision in order to tighten the muscles below the skin. This is a slow and careful technique, as the facial nerve is exposed. Deep plane facelifts can reposition skin, fat, and muscle.

Mid Facelift

Traditional facelifts do not greatly alter the midsection of the face. With a mid-facelift, however, the middle section of your face is also smoothed out and tightened, affecting areas around the nose and under the eyes that a traditional facelift could not have reached. This surgery is often performed in tandem with traditional facelifts in order to create better facial harmony.

Mini Facelift

A mini facelift is for those with minor concerns about their cheeks and jowls. It is a great alternative to a full facelift for patients who have undergone previous facelifts, or younger patients who do not yet have an extreme amount of excess skin around their jaw and neck. It can shave years off of your appearance while providing you with a more energized look.

Male Facelift Alternatives

Botox fillers, radiofrequency Morpheus tightening, and the Evoke “hands-free” facelift all represent alternatives to a traditional male facelift.

How is a Male Facelift Performed?

Male facelift procedures are generally performed using local anesthesia with sedation, or general anesthesia. In addition, numbing medication and laughing gas (nitrous oxide) may also be used to further ensure that the procedure is completely painless.

During a male facelift, incisions are typically made behind and within the ears. Then, the skin is carefully raised from the lower face and neck area, as the Toronto Plastic Surgeons begin the liposuction and fat grafting treatment. Finally, any excess skin is carefully removed and sutured. Because incisions are carefully placed within the natural folds found in around and inside the ear, post-surgery scars are usually barely noticeable.

Preparing for a Male Facelift

To ensure a successful surgery, the doctor will advise that you follow certain preparations in the weeks leading up to your procedure date:

  • Smoking should be discontinued two weeks leading up to the procedure and two weeks after. Those who continue to smoke will have a longer recovery period and a greater likelihood of complications.
  • Two weeks before your procedure, patients must cease taking Aspirin or any medication that contains Aspirin.
  • Six hours prior to surgery, patients must stop consuming any food or drink. Small sips of water are permitted, however.
  • Avoid sun damage two weeks before surgery. This can be achieved by wearing sunscreen.

What to Expect After a Male Facelift Surgery

Following your male facelift, the Toronto Plastic Surgeons will give you detailed post-operative instructions to ensure a seamless recovery. This may include minimally invasive services such as fractional laser techniques, soft tissue fillers, and other injectables for best results. The combination of these non-invasive skin enhancement techniques together with your endoscopically performed facelift will give you a more youthful, invigorated appearance.

Male Facelift Recovery and Timeline

Day 1 After surgery, you may feel unsteady and sleepy. You should plan for family or friends to drive you home and care for you on your first night. The option to sleep over at our clinic is also available. Day 1 is usually when you most need pain medication.

Days 3-4: Bruising and swelling usually peak around Day 4 but might be present for a few more weeks. During this period, rest and relaxation are highly recommended.

Days 4-6: Swelling will subside dramatically.

Week 2: The swelling and bruising that remain may cause some patients to experience numbness, tingling or tightness. These are all common and should not cause concern. At the end of the second week, patients are ready to return to work and go out walking.

Week 4: Sutures are removed, and patients may return to more strenuous activities (including exercise). After a month, you should be back to life as usual – with your new look. However, please note that it can take up to a year for the final results to be apparent.

Male Facelift FAQ

Is Getting a Male Facelift Painful?

While it is normal for a male facelift to result in mild pain in the days after the procedure, any discomfort can easily be controlled with oral pain medication prescribed by the Toronto Plastic Surgeons.

When Should a Man Consider a Neck Lift Over a Facelift?

A man should consider undergoing a neck lift if they would like to repair any loose or sagging skin around the jawline and neck areas. If you’re looking to add some definition to the jawline or neckline, you may consider undergoing a neck lift, rather than a facelift. 

Be Picture Perfect

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