Vaser Lipo in Toronto (Vaser Liposuction)

  • Price Starts at $6,999
  • Procedure Time 30-45 minutes
  • Recovery Time No Downtime

What is The Cost of a Vaser Lipo?

The cost of Vaser lipo varies based on the amount of fat to be removed. Pricing starts from $6,999 for the first zone and, thereafter, additional areas come at a reduced price.

Recovery Period Following a Vaser Lipo?

Vaser lipo is an effective procedure that comes with a very minimal recovery process. Many Vaser lipo patients return to regular daily activities a couple of days after the procedure.

How Long Does it Take to Perform a Vaser Lipo?

The length of the Vaserlipo procedure depends on the number of areas to be targeted. Patients can expect it to take between 30-45 minutes to perform per area.

What is a Vaser Lipo Procedure?

Vaser lipo is a less invasive alternative to traditional liposuction. The ultrasound technique reduces fat and improves the body contour without disturbing nearby tissue to allow for optimal recovery and smooth results.

Diet and exercise are undoubtedly lifestyle choices that naturally contour the body, but sometimes these ongoing efforts aren’t enough to address stubborn pockets of fat. We all have fatty areas that refuse to shift regardless of how much dieting and exercise we do.

Whether it be love handles, arms, thighs or waist, this fat removal surgery slims and reshapes body areas by removing excess fat deposits and tightening loose skin.

By using ultrasound technology, fat cells are loosened from other skin tissues before being removed, allowing for greater accuracy and removal from difficult to treat areas.

Am I a Good Candidate for Vaser Lipo?

Vaser lipo is a procedure of choice for those who want to improve their body image and figure by removing unwanted fat, without facing invasive liposuction surgery.

The patient should be in good physical and mental health, have realistic expectations concerning the risks and benefits of the surgery, and not have any serious medical conditions.

For patients who are looking for more extensive work regarding their fat deposits, a more thorough liposuction procedure is recommended.

Vaser Lipo Benefits

Little Downtime

Vaser lipo patients can return to regular activities relatively quickly.

Predictable Results

Ultrasound technology makes it easy to know what results one can expect with Vaser lipo.

Minor Incision

Non-invasive ultrasound technology means only a very minor incision is required.

Long-lasting Results

The results of a Vaser lipo can last for the rest of your life if a stable weight is maintained.

Vaser Lipo Risks & Complications

Like all procedures, Vaser lipo comes with the risk of potential complications. The Toronto Plastic Surgeons have been performing these procedures for many years and, as such, the risk of a significant complication is extremely low. The team at Toronto Plastic Surgeons has years of experience performing liposuction procedures. Significant complications are uncommon and, in the rare event they occur, are expertly managed.

  • Swelling: The procedure can result in swelling, thought it should subside in the days following the procedure.
  • Infections: Infections are extremely rare for this procedure. Choosing a quality team such as the Toronto Plastic Surgeons ensures that every precaution is taken for a smooth and seamless experience.
  • Numbness: Though temporary, some patients may feel numb following the surgery.
  • Bruising: Any discomfort can be significantly diminished using oral medication prescribed by the doctors.

All complications are managed and corrected as part of your procedure fee.

Why The Toronto Plastic Surgeons?

The Toronto Plastic Surgeons have unmatched experience in delivering the very best Vaser lipo results. Throughout his 25+ year career, Dr. Bell has performed over 5000 breast augmentations, liposuctions, tummy tucks, and body contouring procedures.

The priority for every patient we meet is to provide beautiful, natural-looking results. This is done by using our extensive knowledge and experience to customize all procedures to the unique needs of the patient.

Rest assured that with Dr. Bell of the Toronto Plastic Surgeons, you’re in the safest hands before, during, and after the procedure.

Vaser Lipo Alternatives

Non-invasive, non-surgical lipo technologies like CoolSculpting, SculpSure, Evolve Trim and Ultrashape can provide a moderate, permanent reduction in localized collections of fat.

How is a Vaser Lipo Performed?

The procedure begins with the administering of local anesthesia to numb and expand the fat cells, before exposing them to ultrasound energy. The ultrasound energy applied gently breaks off the fat cells from their clumps allowing for easier extraction of the fat.

The liquified fat is then removed through a gentle suction process. The vaser lipo surgeon will then shape the treatment area to ensure an appealing body contour.

If the patient would like, the removed fat is then injected into other areas, such as the buttocks, breasts and facial areas.

Preparing for a Vaser Lipo

Prior to your procedure, the surgery team will advise you to follow certain steps to shorten the recovery period and lessen the chance of any complications:

  • Quit smoking at least 2 weeks before surgery.
  • No alcohol 1 week prior and after.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • Any medication needs to be reviewed by the surgeon.
  • Do not eat or drink anything 8 hours before surgery.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Our surgeons will provide additional guidelines during your initial consultation. For optimal results, the guidelines must be followed.

What to Expect Post Vaser Lipo Surgery

In the 24 hours following the procedure, patients will experience some bruising, tenderness, and discomfort. Patients return home with the target area wrapped in a compression garment, designed to reduce swelling and bruising. The garment is to be worn 22 hours a day for the first 3 weeks.

The Toronto Plastic Surgeons will provide all patients with a detailed postoperative care regime. It is important to follow the instructions so that the recovery period is as short as possible and results are not hampered.

Vaser Lipo Recovery

Day 2: Patients may return to very light, sedentary work or non-work-related activities.

Week 1: Most bruising and tenderness will have subsided and many patients return to work and low-impact activities. 

Week 3: The compression garments can now be removed in the evening and overnight.

Month 1: Most patients will now be fully recovered and return to all daily including high-impact activities such as jogging, running, and weight training.

Vaser Lipo FAQ

Is Getting a Vaser Lipo Painful?

Patients can expect far less discomfort than traditional liposuction procedures. Local anesthesia means that the procedure itself will not be felt, but there is expected to be some postoperative swelling and discomfort.

How is Traditional Liposuction and Vaser Lipo Different?

Vaser lipo targets fat cells without disturbing nearby tissue and gives more accurate and smoother results than traditional liposuction.

What Are the Side Effects of the Procedure?

Along with the impressive results, one of the main reasons why Vaser lipo is so popular is the few side effects that come with the procedure. Swelling is the most common side effect but by using a skilled surgeon you keep side effects to a minimum.

Will I Need to Have Multiple Vaser Procedures?

No. The fat removed will not return, so the results can last for a lifetime if the patient is able to stay within 5-10 pounds of their postoperative weight.

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