4 Reasons Why Winter Is The Best Time For Plastic Surgery

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December 24th, 2022
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Dr. Thomas Bell, MD

Winter is the Ideal Time to Rejuvenate Your Appearance

With colder weather in full effect, now is a better time than ever to think about planning any procedures you have wanted to get. Timing is extremely important when considering plastic surgery, and Winter is an ideal time to heal from your chosen cosmetic procedure. 

With the days getting darker and having some time off from work for the holidays, rejuvenating your appearance to look and feel your best for the Summertime is a great decision. There are very few weddings and beach bashes to attend, you can heal in comfy sweats, and the sun is avoidable during your downtime. 

Scheduling your procedure for the Winter ensures you are fully healed, looking great, and ready for outdoor activities and exercise when the warm weather comes around. 

Cold Weather Clothing Hides Healing

One of the best things about Winter is that it is a time for comfy clothes – oversized sweatshirts, elastic waistbands, and cozy pajamas. No matter which procedure you opt for, there is a chance you will experience some bruising, swelling, or redness that your Winter clothes can easily cover up. 

If you’re embarrassed by any signs of healing or stitches, they’re effortless to hide in the Winter – no need to worry about people staring when you’re grocery shopping in sweatpants and a winter coat. Long sleeves, scarves, and baggy sweaters allow you to hide the treatment areas until you’re ready to show off your results when the weather gets warmer. 

Protect Yourself From the Sun

For the vast majority of procedures – invasive or noninvasive – avoiding the sun for a few days to a few weeks, as well as generously applying SPF, are vital steps to take during recovery. Sun rays can impair healing, cause scarring, and increase signs of aging. With fewer daylight hours and less reason to be outside, Winter eliminates these worries. 

Many people dislike Canada’s cold and unfavorable winter conditions, so try to turn that frown upside down by treating it as a healing period where you can stay inside and take care of yourself while recovering from your confidence-boosting treatment. You can flaunt your results when everyone else comes out of hibernation and begins spending more time in the sun!

More Time for Rest & Self Care

Other than a couple of days of holiday celebrations, only a little goes on during the Fall and Winter. With the ongoing pandemic, the shorter days, the frigid cold, and a rise in flu and cold cases, it is best to stay in. Why not spend that time inside healing from a dream procedure, too? 

Working on yourself and practicing healing in every sense during this time of year can give you something to look forward to – being the best version of yourself in the Summer! While it can take years for scars to fade fully, your scars will heal, and all swelling, bruising, and redness will have gone away by the Summertime. This time for healing is especially beneficial for procedures that require more downtime, such as a tummy tuck, liposuction, or breast augmentation.

You’ll be Bikini Ready for Summer

When Summer finally arrives, you’ll be healed and ready to show off your rejuvenated, fresh appearance – whether a full mommy makeover or a noninvasive facial treatment. Everyone always wants to look their best in a swimsuit – and with your healing taking place during the Winter, the Summer will be your glow-up season. 

Depending on the procedure you opt for, healing can take three to six months – so do your best to plan ahead and make sure you’re spending the majority of your downtime healing inside while the cold weather is prevalent. Scheduling your surgery for November or December means you’ll have plenty of time to heal and look great.

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Dr. Bell has dedicated his 25 years of practice to cosmetic plastic surgery of the face and body. He prides his excellence on the harmonious balance of vision, aesthetic appearance, and patient care. He and his team are known for their skill and personalized, respectful approach to patients. Contact Dr. Bell and his team today for a consultation!

Posted by:

Dr. Thomas Bell, MD

Dr. Thomas Bell has been one of Canada’s most renowned cosmetic surgeons for 35 years. He prides his excellence on the harmonious balance of vision, aesthetic appearance, and patient care.

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