Recovery From Rhinoplasty During in the Summer

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August 31st, 2022
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Dr. Thomas Bell, MD

As individuals look for ways to look their best after the pandemic, there has been a rise in rhinoplasty in Toronto and across Canada as people get enthusiastic about summer without lockdown. However, some people are hesitant to have the rhinoplasty surgery they want because they are concerned about going through the recuperation process in the summer. We are available to address any of your inquiries regarding the various stages of rhinoplasty recovery as some of the greatest rhinoplasty surgeons available.

We have all the information you need to know about the stages of rhinoplasty recovery, whether you recently had the procedure or are considering it this summer.

But first, what is rhinoplasty?

What is Traditional Rhinoplasty?

Our objective is to design your ideal nose through a typical rhinoplasty. The aim is virtually always the same: to enhance symmetry, regardless of the shapes and fashions used.

A person’s appearance can be significantly enhanced by having a nose that is symmetrical and proportionate to their face. Typically, this approach involves altering numerous properties at once rather than just one. For instance, simply removing a hump from the nose’s bridge may give the appearance that the nose is out of alignment, so straightening the nose may also be required. The nostrils may need to be modified to appear more proportionate to the rest of the nose when the nose tip is slimmed.

Traditional rhinoplasty can be performed in two different ways: open and closed. Both options are available for women and men, so if you are interested in male rhinoplasty, click here.

Open rhinoplasty is a more extensive procedure that includes more invasive surgical components. As a result, manipulating structural changes like bone and cartilage is made simpler. This technique treats size variations, protrusions and bumps, and bulbous tip morphologies to produce the optimal nose form. This method is also frequently applied during revision rhinoplasty.

Making incisions within the nose rather than the exterior and operating through the nostrils results in a less invasive closed rhinoplasty. This technique is frequently used to address nasal blockages, smooth bumps on the bridge, and minor nose tip issues. Although less intrusive than traditional rhinoplasty, this technique is unlikely to result in significant structural alterations to the nose.

Recovering From Rhinoplasty During the Summer

The stages of rhinoplasty healing require a little extra care throughout the summer. By comprehending them, you may prepare for a Toronto summer rhinoplasty without missing a beat.

Maintain Hydration

We stressed the significance of getting plenty of water to prevent congestion. Since you’ll undoubtedly be sweating in the summer heat, you may need to ensure that you’re getting a little bit extra, so it’s a good idea to keep that water bottle nearby to aid in your recuperation.


When going outside, be cautious when using sunglasses. The strain that glasses and sunglasses place on your nose’s bridge may hinder your healing process or even your results. Even though sunglasses are a must-have for the summer months, you should hold off on using them for the first few weeks.

Avoid the Heat

This is easier said than done during the warmer summer weather, but it is an important caution.

You don’t want to add a sunburn to the fact that your nose will be quite sensitive for a while. But you should delay using sunscreen for a while after your rhinoplasty treatment. The week following surgery may be best spent indoors or in the shade, and for a month or so afterward, you should limit your exposure to the sun.

Pools Should be Avoided

To be safe, it is preferable to wait a full month before returning to the ocean. After all, you had nose surgery there, so it’s best to avoid getting any extra water in your nose or up your nose, as well as avoid the need to blow your nose again. This is especially important while your stitches and splints are still in place.

General Rhinoplasty Recovery Process

Regardless of the time of year you get rhinoplasty, be it summer, fall, or winter, There are many important moments of your recovery you should pay attention to that will ensure you undergo a quick recovery with as minimal discomfort or complications as possible. The following are important timeline moments during rhinoplasty recovery.

Right After Surgery

You might have some temporary post-operative drowsiness from the anesthesia; this is typical! You will probably return home a few hours after having a rhinoplasty because it is an outpatient treatment. Feeling sleepy, bloated, and congested during this rhinoplasty recovery phase is very typical. Your cosmetic surgeon can give you medicine if you’re feeling queasy. You’ll be given a splint, sutures, and gauze before being discharged.

One Week Later

You can take off the splint and stitches after 5 to 7 days. You most likely have some swelling and bruising at this stage. This is completely natural; don’t be concerned; your nose won’t stay that way! Your new nose should have taken on its final form by the end of the week. You can feel free to use makeup after five days.

After 2+ Weeks

The majority of the rhinoplasty’s negative effects go away within a week. You can endure very little inflammation for an additional week or two. Congestion is another possibility; although it typically lasts a little longer, it will eventually pass. While the congestion is there, you can easily manage it by using a humidifier in your room and drinking lots of water, which will also assist in minimizing swelling.

Rhinoplasty isn’t the only popular cosmetic procedure to get during summer. In fact, these are some of the other most popular procedures our patients request over their summer holidays.

Breast Augmentation

The most best time to get breast augmentation is often considered the fall or winter months due to the providing of comfier baggy clothing and cooler weather that reduces sweating. However, not everyone is looking to undergo breast augmentation to purely be “bikini ready.” Those who are not worried about spending some time visibly recovering from breast augmentation will find they are presented with a great benefit of more freedom in their availability.

As the summer months can sometimes be considered the “slower” months in a clinic, booking during the summer ensures you can book a consultation, appointment, and any follow-up appointments for your breast augmentation in Toronto more easily than in any other season.

Tummy Tuck

A stomach tuck, commonly referred to as abdominoplasty, is one of the most popular body sculpting treatments that men and especially women think about having done. A tummy tuck in Toronto removes extra skin and fat while also tightening the abdominal muscles to produce a tighter, flatter midsection. To further shape the flanks after a stomach tuck, liposuction might occasionally be done.

By roughly week six, the majority of patients are totally recovered, and with their doctor’s permission, they can resume their regular exercise and activity schedules.

Between three and four weeks into recuperation, pain, swelling, and bruising should be almost completely gone. You will likely be told to cease wearing your compression garment at this time so that you can resume your regular, daily activities.

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