Subtle is Better: 3 Face Procedure Options For a Natural Look

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December 20th, 2022
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Dr. Thomas Bell, MD

Natural Face Procedure Trends

In recent years, the approach to cosmetic surgery has changed rapidly. The desire to reduce any signs of aging slowly turned into the desire to alter one’s appearance according to trends – lip filler with the rage of Kyle Jenner or brow lifts with Bella Hadid all over magazines. However, we are now seeing a rise in the popularity of more subtle facial procedures that enhance natural beauty

New non-invasive technologies have been appearing year after year, allowing for rejuvenated skin, symmetrical brows, or a smoother nose slope without incisions. “Contemporary patients are looking for minimally invasive procedures with little to no postoperative downtime. Treatment of the aging face has been profoundly impacted by the rise of so-called lunchtime facelift-type operations,” explains a report from The Surgery Journal. 

Beginning in the 2000s, less invasive procedures became more popular, and the number of facelifts increased as the search for rejuvenation has been ongoing among men and women. 

The most evolving part of facial procedures involves techniques and technology, including chemical peels, lasers, and injectables which can improve your facial aesthetic while maintaining your natural beauty. You can enjoy a short recovery period, no scars, and satisfactory results – what’s not to love?

Nonsurgical Treatments for Aging

There are many nonsurgical treatment options available now to combat signs of aging. Dermabrasion is a newer, popular technique that smooths our deep scars and wrinkles – ideal for older patients. It is performed under local anesthetic and involves an abrasive device (such as a high-speed rotating brush) that removes the top layer of skin. This technique can be done to large areas of the face and can also treat blemishes or acne scarring. 

Botox is a household name in terms of dermal fillers – and its short recovery period and procedure process make it a highly appealing facial treatment to eliminate elevens, crowfeet, smile lines, and forehead wrinkles. The immediate result and use of Botox as a preventative measure have it increasing in popularity – with treatment focusing predominantly on the face and neck region. 

Some popular dermal fillers used to combat aging include: 

  • Sculptra
  • Juvederm
  • Restylane
  • Bellafill
  • Radiesse
  • Botox

Non-invasive ultrasound techniques, like the Ultraformer III, activate collagen production in the eye area, and micro-Botox is sought out to seek crow’s feet. Ultrasound technology can also treat bags, circles, and under-eye sagging. If you are looking for ultrasound technology that can treat larger areas of the face, ask Dr. Bell about Ultherapy. 

Microneedling uses radiofrequency to provide the patient with firmer, smoother skin, delivering heat-based energy to the lower layers of the skin and helping generate new skin tissue and collagen production. This can help with sagging, scarring, and texture of the skin. Similarly, laser skin resurfacing is used with the latest technology to improve your skin’s texture and reduce the look of fine lines and skin damage. Both treatments are non-invasive and therefore require barely any downtime. 

Lastly, if you can afford more downtime, the currently popular chemical peel may be an excellent option. Chemical peels improve skin texture and pigment issues for an extended period of time after just one treatment, with just redness and mild swelling as side effects. However, you must wait for the peeling process to fully complete before exfoliating, applying heavy makeup, or going out in the sun for long periods. 

Contouring and Sculpting

Many people desire high cheekbones, lifted brows, and a sharp jawline to give you that model look. The conversation around contouring and sculpting treatments for the face is growing, especially with the rise of non-invasive procedures. 

Microneedling grew in popularity, with many patients requesting the treatment as it boasts the benefits of a minor facelift with only a week of downtime. Sculpting techniques, like EM Sculpt, have become popular in building muscle and reducing fat – however, these procedures are typically focused on areas of the body. You can sculpt your face by opting for procedures that provide your face with more symmetry, like non-invasive liquid rhinoplasty. 

Want to sculpt your nose while still honoring your heritage? Many surgeons now provide “ethnic rhinoplasties,” allowing you to keep features unique to your ethnicity while still giving the face a better sense of symmetry. Lastly, injectables like dermal fillers can add volume to areas where gauntness may age you, like the cheek or forehead. 

Lifts and Lasers

Laser technology is evolving and increasing in popularity every day and is used to correct scarring, skin damage, and signs of aging. There are two types of laser therapy: ablative and nonablative. Ablative lasers vaporize the top layers of the skin via heat to stimulate collagen production. Nonablative lasers, typically used in Photorejuvenation, involve intense pulsed light, which is used to treat skin conditions and signs of aging.

Alongside the popularity of lasers are lifts of all kinds – predominantly thread lifts. These lifts stimulate collagen in a way that gives a lifting effect, boasting natural results suitable for all skin types. You can choose a long or short thread based on how severe your facial sagging is, and it involves small suture-like threads placed under the skin using a tiny tube. Downtime is minimal, and people love the results so much that they often return to continue treatments to maintain their natural, youthful appearance.

Toronto Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Bell has dedicated his 25 years of practice to cosmetic plastic surgery of the face and body. He prides his excellence on the harmonious balance of vision, aesthetic appearance, and patient care. He and his team are known for their skill and personalized, respectful approach to patients. Contact Dr. Bell and his team today for a consultation!

Posted by:

Dr. Thomas Bell, MD

Dr. Thomas Bell has been one of Canada’s most renowned cosmetic surgeons for 35 years. He prides his excellence on the harmonious balance of vision, aesthetic appearance, and patient care.

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