Where on Your Body Can You Get Liposuction? Where is it Most Effective?

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March 31st, 2021
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Dr. Thomas Bell, MD

Which part of the body do you wish that you could tone a little bit?

The average person would say the stomach or abdomen area. When asked which part of their body they wish they could change, both men and women listed their stomach as the #1 answer.

Most of the liposuction before and after pictures you see are from the stomach area because it’s what most people want to learn more about. But that is far from the only area where you can get a liposuction procedure.

There were well over 265,000 successful liposuction procedures performed in North America in 2019, making it the second most popular plastic surgery behind breast augmentation. It’s hard to estimate exactly how many of those procedures focused on the core area, but we are guessing it would be the vast majority of them.

However, a skillfully administered liposuction can help you remove unwanted fat from nearly any part of your body. Here are a few of the areas that The Toronto Plastic Surgeons team has helped our customers tone.


We will start with the most obvious and popular choice. Why is stomach liposuction the most popular? It’s most likely because of a few different reasons.

First of all, this is notoriously the most difficult area to trim. Many of our customers are frustrated from doing hours of cardio and countless crunches. They can hold a plank for an entire workday, but they still can’t quite get the results they want to see. It can be incredibly frustrating and demoralizing.

They say that abs are made in the kitchen. But sadly, so are all of our favourite foods. The dietary commitment required to get six-pack abs is simply not attainable or sustainable for most people.

The second reason that stomach lipo is so popular with men and women could be the stomach’s central location on the body. This means that a stomach that extends further than you like could ruin an otherwise perfect body contour and silhouette. It can really stand out, especially when you wear tight or form-fitting clothing.

And the third reason could be because both sexes know how desirable a streamlined body contour can be. In fact, about 22% of surveyed women listed the abs/v-cut area as the most attractive part of the male body.

Most people typically want liposuction on their upper abdomen, lower abdomen, or both. If you’re looking to trim the lower region, you’re probably dealing with the so-called muffin top, or fat that hangs over your beltline. On the other hand, if you’re looking to treat the upper regions, you’re likely looking to trim that incredibly stubborn layer of fat between your belly button and ribs.

Over the last 20 or so years, the evolution of liposuction techniques and technology has been truly remarkable. We are now seeing the best outcomes we have ever seen on the stomach and core area, with none of the bruising or downtime that we saw a few years ago.


You can have liposuction on your buttocks area if you’re looking to trim it or remove some unwanted dimpling in the area.

Or, you might want to add shape and volume to your buttocks using fat that was removed from another part of your body via liposuction. This is popularly known as the Brazilian Butt Lift, which is also offered at our Toronto liposuction surgery clinic in Yorkville.

Your surgeon will expertly and delicately remove the donated fat cells from one area of your body (most often the thighs, hips, or waist) and add it to the buttocks area to give you more volume and shape, as well as a perkier and more youthful contour.

The Waist and Flanks

Oh, the dreaded love handles or muffin tops. Many of our patients have used liposuction treatments to target these areas, with unwanted fat that starts on the side of the stomach and extends towards the back area.

The sides of your waist area are just as difficult to trim with diet and exercise as the rest of your core. You can try targeted exercises for your obliques like side planks and Russian twists, but the fat in this area is incredibly resilient.

Patients that have reasonable-to-excellent skin elasticity have been known to get the best results from this.

Upper Arms

Both men and women can often see their weight gain show up in their upper arms. This not only results in an increase in volume, but it can also often arrive with dimpled and sagging skin that has been called the batwing by some, and arm jiggle by others.

This can be most unwelcome. If you’re feeling insecure about arm fat, it can actually be harder to conceal than stomach fat. You will likely feel self-conscious any time you wear a short-sleeved shirt, which means that you can no longer enjoy warm summer days the way you used to.

Arm liposuction can help you smoothen out the area and tighten up the skin for a much firmer and more youthful look.


The current work-from-home world we’re seeing these days has millions of people logging onto video calls every morning. And a lot of them are starting to notice the unexpected emergence of double chins, fuller cheeks, or jowls.

This is actually leading to a mini-boom for the plastic surgery industry that has been dubbed The Zoom Boom or The Zoom Effect. Hundreds of thousands of frustrated remote employees are looking into face liposuction to remove a few pounds, or years, from their faces.

Neck and Chin

If you’re seeing unwanted fat in your neck and chin areas, you can certainly see amazing results from chin liposuction or a neck liposuction procedure. This can give you the youthful, toned, and athletic jawline that so many of us covet.

However, if you’re also dealing with extra sagging skin in this area, you might consider one of the other surgical options that can help you tighten things up.

This may include:

Neck Lift (Chin Lift): Your surgeon makes an incision under your chin, then removes excess fat while tightening the muscles of the chin.

Cervicoplasty: Your excess skin and fat are removed, but the muscles underneath your chin are left untouched.

Platysmaplasty: This will target the dreaded neck bands. Your surgeon will tighten and/or realign your neck muscles.

Extended Neck Lift: This addresses every issue that a standard neck lift would resolve, but it also addresses jowls and/or sagging cheeks.

The Mini Neck Lift: This procedure uses one incision behind the chin to remove excess fat or banding, but there is no skin removal.

Keep your options open! Don’t get too locked into finding a clinic that does laser lipo in Toronto. One of the procedures above could actually give you better results in restoring your trim jawline.


The upper thigh area is also extremely difficult to tone with weights and cardio. You can do squats until you drop, yet still not have the thighs you’re looking for. It can be incredibly frustrating to see the amount of weight on the bar go up over time, without any tangible results on your legs.

Many of our clients are just looking to trim unwanted fat or the so-called saddlebags on their thighs. An expertly performed liposuction treatment can target the unwanted fat, while also helping to tighten the skin and remove any dimpling that you may be dealing with.

Lower Legs

This procedure is less common, but it is certainly an option.

It’s possible to get liposuction on your lower legs or calves to remove unwanted fat and maintain a more symmetric look.

You might also consider other non-surgical body contouring options, such as:

  • EMSculpt
  • Evolve
  • CoolSculpting
  • Vanquish
  • Sculpsure

These treatments can also be used on any of the other parts of the body we have discussed today.

They are popular options for people that may not be ready for a full-blown surgery just yet. Non-surgical body contouring can still give you incredible results when it comes to fat reduction and skin tightening, with no downtime.


This procedure is also known as gynecomastia and can be performed on both men and women.

It is very popular among men who are looking to reduce the size of their chest or reduce unflattering drooping in the chest area. This is particularly prevalent in ageing men that have lost muscle mass in their chest over the years. The end result helps men feel more confident with a more masculine and youthful body shape. They also find it easier to exercise and maintain this look.

Male gynecomastia was actually the 4th most popular plastic surgery among men in 2019, with over 24,000 successful procedures. It was even more popular than hair transplants.

At the same time, we also offer gynecomastia for women and have a proven history of outstanding outcomes. We have helped a number of women get the body silhouette they’re longing for, while also helping them reduce their back pain.


Our clients also come to us complaining about back fat and bra rolls. These are often more than aesthetic complaints. These people are sick and tired of red marks, chafing, and discomfort all day.

Energy-assisted liposuction on the back area can help you achieve the look and feel you’re looking for. It can help remove unwanted fat, while also tightening the loose skin in the area. It can also help you love the way your tops and bras fit you again.

Know the Different Types of Liposuction

Our clinic offers 3 different types of cutting-edge and energy-assisted liposuction treatments:

BodyTite™ Lipo (Radiofrequency Energy)

This technique uses radiofrequency energy to melt and coagulate the unwanted fat, with the best safety controls and soft tissue contraction on the market today.

It’s possible to see soft tissue contraction of about 40-50% over 12 months.

Vaser Liposuction (Ultrasound Energy)

Ultrasonic energy gently vibrates to annihilate fat cells so they can be easily removed.

This is probably the procedure to get if you’re thinking about getting a fat grafting procedure like the Brazilian Butt Lift, breast augmentation, or facial fat transplantation. The gentle extraction helps your surgeon to preserve the fat.

SmartLipo™ (Laser Energy)

Data shows that SmartLipo can help you see a 17% increase in skin contraction and a 25% improvement in skin elasticity.

Your surgeon will use laser energy to liquefy the fat, which sets up easy aspiration with a micro-cannula. This leads to fantastic outcomes with almost no bruising.

Toronto’s Most Trusted Liposuction Clinic

Our clinic uses today’s most advanced technology, which provides the best results possible and significantly shortens the liposuction recovery process. At the same time, our patients also undergo additional non-surgical skin tightening about 12 weeks after their procedures, at no extra cost.

We’re also proud to offer one of Canada’s foremost liposuction surgeons.

Dr. Thomas Bell is well known as Canada’s foremost authority on BodyTite liposuction procedures. His unique and personalized approach is the reason that so many of his new clients are the friends and family members of his previous clients.

If you’re ready to see what’s possible, we’re ready to show it to you! Don’t delay! Book a consultation with one of our experts today.

Posted by:

Dr. Thomas Bell, MD

Dr. Thomas Bell has been one of Canada’s most renowned cosmetic surgeons for 35 years. He prides his excellence on the harmonious balance of vision, aesthetic appearance, and patient care.

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