Should You Wear a Bra After a Breast Augmentation Procedure?

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August 28th, 2020
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Dr. Thomas Bell, MD


Undergoing breast augmentation surgery will change both the size of your breasts and the size of your bra–which means you’ll get to indulge in some exciting post-procedure bra shopping. But not all surgeons agree on whether you should wear a bra or not immediately post surgery, with some even suggesting patients go braless for up to six weeks in order to let their breasts settle first. 

Your breasts could take up to three months to fully settle into their new position, which means that regardless of when you wear a bra again for the first time, you’ll want to invest slowly by buying just one or two at a time. 

At Toronto Plastic Surgeons, you can typically expect to go home from surgery wearing an elastic breast band or soft, supportive bra specially designed to keep your breasts perfectly in place. Then, once you’re cleared by your doctor, you’re ready to shop for that new perfect bra.

Finding the Right Bra After Breast Augmentation Surgery

New styles and cuts are just the beginning. You may even decide to have a professional fitting! But before you rush out to buy an all-new bra collection, here are a few key things to consider.

Choosing the Right Material

Choosing soft, lightweight, breathable, stretchable, wireless, and seamless fabric are all a good idea on your post-op shopping trip. You might even want to consider wearing a front closure bra so you don’t have to lift your arms so often while you’re still healing. While most bras come with adjustable straps for more comfort, some even have adjustable band sizes to help accommodate swelling. Many women find they’re most comfortable wearing quality sports bras for at least a few months. 

Bra Sizes & How to Measure Yours

If you’re not sure how to measure your bra size, most lingerie or bra stores have professionals on staff who can help you out. However, if you’d like to take a crack at calculating your size, the process is fairly simple. 

To get your band size, start by measuring beneath your breasts–around your torso. If you get an odd number, add 5 inches to this number, and if you get an even number, add 4 inches. In other words, whether your torso measures 29 or 30 inches, your band size is 34. Your band size will probably be the same as it was before your breast augmentation. 

Then, to determine your cup size, measure the area around the fullest section of your breasts and subtract that number from your band size. If the difference between the two numbers is three inches, you wear a C cup. If it’s 4 inches, you wear a D cup, etc. 

Since bra sizes and shapes can vary a lot from one brand to another, expect to experiment a little post surgery. Always try before you buy or else make sure the company has an easy-to-navigate return policy!

Beware of Underwire

Particularly in the first six weeks of your recovery, it’s very important to avoid wearing an underwire bra. Although you may be accustomed to the type of support that underwire bras are known for, wearing one too soon after a breast augmentation can irritate incisions located in the crease beneath the breasts, in turn making any scarring more visible. Do not start wearing underwire bras again until your surgeon gives you the green light.

Take Your Doctor’s Advice

If you have any doubts at all about your post surgery bra shopping process, never hesitate to ask for your doctor’s guidance. Your surgeon can provide a lot of helpful tips for bra selection and sizing after your procedure. For the best possible outcome post breast augmentation, be sure to follow all of your doctor’s advice as closely as possible!

Posted by:

Dr. Thomas Bell, MD

Dr. Thomas Bell has been one of Canada’s most renowned cosmetic surgeons for 35 years. He prides his excellence on the harmonious balance of vision, aesthetic appearance, and patient care.

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